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Aquatic Therapy – What is it and is it helpful? 

Have you ever heard of aquatic therapy? Have you ever wondered if it would be helpful with your spinal cord injury? Aquatic therapy is water-based therapeutic exercise.  It is also sometimes called hydrotherapy.  The value of doing exercises in water is based on 3 physical properties:  temperature, density, and viscosity.

Coping with Frustrations after a Spinal Cord Injury

Coping with a spinal cord injury can be challenging. It is a big change in your life, and there are ways to keep going in life and continue doing things you enjoy. You must learn about coping and which strategy will work best for you and your lifestyle. There are so many strategies out there that are just waiting for you to try them, but here are a few that worked for many other people with spinal cord injuries.  Remember, you are not alone in the journey. Various strategies and resources are available to help you adapt and lead a fulfilling life. 

2023 MetroHealth Annual SCI Forum – POSTPONED

Due to many circumstances, the MetroHealth Spinal Cord Injury Forum will be postponed for 2023.  We are working on a new date and will update everyone soon.  We want to bring the best event possible and are working hard behind the scenes. 

Roundtable Discussion: Outdoor Adventures in Northeast Ohio (and Beyond)

Did you know there are over 125 miles of walking trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park ALONE?  That doesn’t include the Cleveland Metroparks, the Lorain County Metroparks, or other trails in Northeast Ohio.  You don’t have to go far in order to get to a trail.  But, if you are a wheelchair user, that could seem overwhelming or impossible to navigate.  Luckily, if you are a manual wheelchair user, there is one device that could help you get outside and explore these trails.

MSKTC Resource on Aging after SCI

The Model System Knowledge and Translation Center (MSKTC) is a national center that helps facilitate the knowledge translation process to make research meaningful to those with Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Burn Injury. This library is home to factsheets, podcasts, videos, and comics to describe different areas affected by spinal cord injury.

Creating A New Normal – Adjusting to Life After a Spinal Cord Injury 

By Megan Hammond, M.Ed When I was going through inpatient rehabilitation following my spinal cord injury (SCI), I had the opportunity to meet weekly with my recreational therapist and others going through rehab.  During this meeting, we talked about life outside of the hospital walls.  It was during these meetings that I got a true […]

Chapter Update: Summer 2023

While we are so excited about the progress that we have made this year, we are still looking for more help to continue growing our local Chapter!

With your help, we hope to enhance our services and expand our impact in the community.

We have several volunteer opportunities available. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved with our Pear Mentorship Program or the Equipment Lending Program.

Member Spotlight: Daniel Overfield

As I got myself back into the swing of things at work and at home, I was able to take advantage of a 3-D printer that is available in my library at the metro campus. Playing guitar is one of the safer hobbies that I have but one result of my injury was that I could not securely hold a guitar pick for very long. Using free software online ( I designed a very simple guitar pick that includes a curved handle that allows me to keep the pic stable in my hand using all of my fingers and my palm.

SCI on Social Media

Social media is a great tool to learn about spinal cord injury (SCI) resources as well as to meet other people living with SCI and learn from their experiences.  We have decided to periodically highlight various social media channels and people throughout the community. If you are creating social media resources of your own to […]