Improving the quality of life with educational and recreational opportunities for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

MSKTC Resource – Fitness & Exercise

The Model System Knowledge and Translation Center (MSKTC) is a national center that helps facilitate the knowledge translation process to make research meaningful to those with Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Burn Injury. Last newsletter, we featured the Factsheet on adaptive sports and recreation and how to get involved in your community.  This month, we wanted to feature a source on fitness and exercise as a way of staying healthy as the winter season comes upon us. 

The MSKTC has a factsheet that covers a general introduction to the world of fitness and exercise for someone living with a spinal cord injury.  It outlines some guidelines to start with and gives some examples of different exercises that you can do.  It adds to that information with ways to get started and what some next steps might be.  There are also some quick reviews, slide shows, videos, and podcasts discussing different topics related to fitness and exercise with a spinal cord injury.  

We highly recommend you check out these factsheets, as well as their library of factsheets, related to spinal cord injury care.  You can check them out at

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